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Minimalist But Beautiful Seen

Minimalist But Beautiful Seen

Is building a minimalist house that have to be expensive? For young couples or young executives who crave a minimalist house as part of a symbol of life of the metropolis, shortage of funds is clearly a major constraint.

Minimalist design that emphasizes the form of straightforward, plain, simple, uncomplicated, compact, and space efficiency. Expensive cost of a building is determined by the use of materials that use of the proposed design. As for the cost structure of the building houses generally use standard market price. Completion of the work is neat and full of prudence requires personnel skilled craftsman, jellies, and experienced thus making labor costs above the market price.

Minimalist effect also appeared in the attitude of the architect, with the approval of the client as a prospective occupants of the house, to "voluntarily" reduce the various needs that are not important. Only the parts essential functions of the house are maintained so that if the house is memorable minimalist, it is only the result of a process. Not the ultimate goal. The beauty of minimalist house optimally occur on the purity of the function itself.

Do minimalist comfortable to live?

Minimalist house will obviously feels comfortable to live in an urban society that is very practical, functional, lightweight, economical, and efficient, because minimalism is the embodiment of their lifestyle, according to the needs of their functions. Symbol lifestyle metropolis. A simple way of life total.

Home furnishings follow the basic geometric shapes of buildings, efficient, and functional course. Structuring the light of careful and artful (spotlights, planting, hanging lamps, garden lights) make the house look more artistic minimalist at night.

Minimalist house will continue to grow along with the creativity of architects, design innovation, and supported technological sophistication, making appearances minimalist home will always be present with a fresh new breakthroughs, more detail is impeccable, and the prices are more affordable. The presence of a minimalist home became the medium of communication between the architecture and landscape of the form of contrast between natural and man-made things (culture).

Minimalist style garden arrangement will give the 'spirit' tenderness toward building form stiffness, hardness materials, and harmony of life with shady environment around. The presence of shade trees, lawns, and other shade plants provide fresh and lively atmosphere to fill the "void" minimalist home.

In the end minimalist aesthetic value is no longer rely on ornaments and artificial objects, but it is more meaningful to an honesty of form, function, and inspiration space created. So no wonder if then the house minimalist selection of urban society that misses the honesty, simplicity, and innocence.
Minimalist But Beautiful Seen

Set Design Houses The Latest And Greatest Models

Set Design Houses The Latest And Greatest Models

From year to year until in 2016, there are still many people who use the minimalist model homes as one of her dreams. Due to the minimalist model homes can be considered a model of the house that is flexible and always looks modern. Therefore, there are still many people even contractors who make homes with a minimalist design.

Especially at this time of increasingly limited availability of land so that no great space to build a house. To save the use of this land, the people were using a minimalist model as one way to save the land and create the home that are small but comfortable.

Set Design Houses The Latest And Greatest Models

Judging from some of the facts, we were getting the spirit to share information related to the image Model house 2 storey modern minimalist latest picture 2016 could be for you and your family.

Here you can read some useful information, both for those who are currently building a house, want to renovate your home or simply want to know the development of home in this modern era.

Set Design Houses The Latest And Greatest Models

Many people who can build a house with two floors, but not many people can make the concept of minimalist home in accordance with state land and also the needs of the family. Therefore we would like to invite you to read some more helpful information that can be used by readers in designing or redecorating your home.
And here are the tips that will be given to you who are curious about the image model of minimalist modern 2-storey house the latest in 2016.

1. Make upstairs solid
When building a house two floors, that must be considered is the 2nd floor is sturdy. Because otherwise, if there is a shift in the soil under the house can make you experience problems such as slanted, span collapsed and many more. So make the second floor is strong and can sustain the burden for decades, create the concept is basically the same with the 1st floor so you can have a strong and solid home without having to worry about going to collapse.

2. Upstairs minimalist design
Second, consider the design on the floor 2. If you apply a minimalist design, the second floor was not separated from this concept. Therefore you can think well, it will be made as to what the concept of the 2nd floor with minimalist patterns. Although the second floor was great and room enough for a couple, you can still design with minimalist shape a unique and comfortable place to live.

3. Types of ladder to be selected
And the last is the election of the stairs. When you decide to make a house with several floors, at least 2 floor certainly you need a ladder to connect from one floor to another. Thus you should be looking for a ladder according to the condition of the house, the concept of home as well as the wishes of the family.

Selection Of The Design Of The Stairs In The House

In selecting the image model of minimalist modern 2-storey house the latest in 2016, you should be able to determine one form or design of the stairs in the house is suitable or that could favor the condition of your home. Like what ? Let's refer to the information below.

1. concrete stairs
For concrete stairs, more commonly used for home with simple and powerful concept. Because concrete is able to hold up for decades, those who love the simple things will definitely choose the concrete stairs because it does not require much, just made staircase with cement and sand and then be strong and sturdy ladder.

2. The wooden staircase
As for you who like something unique and ethnic, would certainly prefer a wooden staircase. You can choose the type of wood that will be used for the stairs. Certain types of wood are good and strong enough to serve as the stairs of the house, especially the color of the wood can support the interior style of your home.

3. Iron ladder
Iron ladder is actually rarely used for home, because it might be considered a bit dangerous. But there's nothing wrong if you make a concrete staircase with iron handrail. Perhaps this is more suitable for housing at this time.

4. ceramic staircase
And the last is the ladder of ceramics. Those who use the stairs of ceramics is that they are happy with something luxurious and attractive look. Ceramic give a different touch to the house which has a minimalist concept, let alone color ceramic assortment of this could be one way to keep your room come alive.

Set Design Houses The Latest And Greatest Models

There are still some things that we want to convey about the image model of minimalist modern 2-storey house the latest in 2016, not only discuss the second floor and the stairs, we also want to provide solutions to the problems that exist so far.

What if they had wanted to make a minimalist home garage? If this does not interfere with the concept of a minimalist home? Find the answers below.

If you want to make the garage into the house, then the note is considered in measuring the existing soil, if it were possible to build a garage with an area of land for a pretty good, then you can use this land as a garage.

Set Design Houses The Latest And Greatest Models

Because usually the 2nd floor was able to accommodate a lot of space and stuff so not all items charged on the 1st floor, so it can be made the garage next to the house for storage of vehicles and goods unused.

But if you do not have the rest of the land area is large, then our advice is to make a carport in front of the house by closing the canopy. Do not forget to buy tralis iron as a safety so that the vehicles remain safe house. You can buy a special canopy carport, then ordered tralis rather high so it is not visible in your home. This is very helpful in maintaining the security of the house.

Currently there are many people who use a carport due to the limited land in the township or housing. To work around this, simply by providing a canopy and tralis, be flexible garage that can be used anytime.

Set Design Houses The Latest And Greatest Models

If you wish, outdoor carport immediately create a comfortable and safe for the placement of your vehicle. So no need to bother anymore to think of laying the vehicle especially for car models that need a room big enough.

Hopefully the information from us relating to the image model of minimalist modern 2-storey house in 2016 the latest helpful and gave lots of ideas or inspiration for your readers so expect more and more people are able to make a smart house with a design that is safe, comfortable and concerned with the health and environment.

Set Design Houses The Latest And Greatest Models


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