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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Minimalist But Beautiful Seen

Minimalist But Beautiful Seen

Is building a minimalist house that have to be expensive? For young couples or young executives who crave a minimalist house as part of a symbol of life of the metropolis, shortage of funds is clearly a major constraint.

Minimalist design that emphasizes the form of straightforward, plain, simple, uncomplicated, compact, and space efficiency. Expensive cost of a building is determined by the use of materials that use of the proposed design. As for the cost structure of the building houses generally use standard market price. Completion of the work is neat and full of prudence requires personnel skilled craftsman, jellies, and experienced thus making labor costs above the market price.

Minimalist effect also appeared in the attitude of the architect, with the approval of the client as a prospective occupants of the house, to "voluntarily" reduce the various needs that are not important. Only the parts essential functions of the house are maintained so that if the house is memorable minimalist, it is only the result of a process. Not the ultimate goal. The beauty of minimalist house optimally occur on the purity of the function itself.

Do minimalist comfortable to live?

Minimalist house will obviously feels comfortable to live in an urban society that is very practical, functional, lightweight, economical, and efficient, because minimalism is the embodiment of their lifestyle, according to the needs of their functions. Symbol lifestyle metropolis. A simple way of life total.

Home furnishings follow the basic geometric shapes of buildings, efficient, and functional course. Structuring the light of careful and artful (spotlights, planting, hanging lamps, garden lights) make the house look more artistic minimalist at night.

Minimalist house will continue to grow along with the creativity of architects, design innovation, and supported technological sophistication, making appearances minimalist home will always be present with a fresh new breakthroughs, more detail is impeccable, and the prices are more affordable. The presence of a minimalist home became the medium of communication between the architecture and landscape of the form of contrast between natural and man-made things (culture).

Minimalist style garden arrangement will give the 'spirit' tenderness toward building form stiffness, hardness materials, and harmony of life with shady environment around. The presence of shade trees, lawns, and other shade plants provide fresh and lively atmosphere to fill the "void" minimalist home.

In the end minimalist aesthetic value is no longer rely on ornaments and artificial objects, but it is more meaningful to an honesty of form, function, and inspiration space created. So no wonder if then the house minimalist selection of urban society that misses the honesty, simplicity, and innocence.
Minimalist But Beautiful Seen


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